You must be overwhelmed by searching for these online but I can guarantee you ours stands taller and is definitely more elegant looking, They are made out of metal so these are heavy duty and they are finished with a powdered white finish, the bulbs are led and the finish on them are squared off rather than the other weird shaped ones you may see online. when these are on display and lit up your guest would not be able to help themselves and will have to stand next to them and take a few snaps.

Whats included

  • 5ft Light up Love letters (Metal)
  • Glossy white
  • Led Lights
  • 3 hour hire

Whats optional

  • Additional time hours/days
  • Different coloured bulbs

What we need

  • Access to venue 1 hour prior to start time
  • Mains Plug socket (240v)
  • £50 deposit